In 2015, following my ordination at American Jewish University's Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, I joined the clergy team of Congregation Beth El in Voorhees, New Jersey, a suburban community near Philadelphia.


I have loved growing and leading as rabbi, sharing Torah and love of Gd and Israel to uplift and enrich the lives of the the more than 850 families that together comprise the Beth El family. Being a vehicle of comfort and strength, wisdom and hope, healing and blessing, has been my greatest privilege over the past five and half years.


Recently, I shared with my beloved congregation about how the challenge of being so physically distant from family on the West Coast and the perspective gained through pandemic living has led me to seek new opportunities this season.   



"The feeling of being in Israel is like none other and... was enhanced by your input. We all greatly appreciated and enjoyed all of your stories. Looking forward to continuing to broaden my horizons with you as I continue in Hebrew High."

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"After my husband's death, your presence was a tremendous source of comfort. Several family members and friends still reach out to tell me how helpful you were to them in dealing with their grief."

"You came to the hospital multiple times, and you came with your heart open. You made me feel cared for, and you took the time to listen to me and talk to me in addition to saying prayers for my husband. You taught me that it is okay to accept help in times of need and that the community genuinely wants to help - that it is not a burden for them. You allowed me to experience a kind of love I never before knew existed, and for this I am forever grateful."

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Your call was such an incredible, pleasurable surprise.  A call whose sole purpose was to spread joy, and share joy.   What an incredible concept!"


"You are an amazing speaker.  I admire your upbeat nature, lack of notes and the way you always seem tie in your sermon to pop culture.  You have a gift for being able to speak to many generations at the same time which is not always easy to do. I decided to e-mail this to you now as you mentioned in your sermon not waiting to do things!"


"Our wedding day truly would not have been the same without you. The words you spoke when you married us were thoughtful, genuine, and truly words we will remember throughout our lives. Please know how blessed we feel that you were able to to marry us"

Green Family

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Over the summer of 2020, Congregation Beth El

hosted weekly Lip Sync Battles between community families. For one special episode, Charlene, Archer, Beck, and I performed Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off.'